My Babies

My Babies
Mia (brown) and Lilly (black and white) pose for a picture

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Failing Miserably

Oh lord I'm failing miserably with this blog aren't I? I've been so crazy busy lately that I've forgotten I even have it.


I'll do my best to keep posting though I don't have any followers so I'm not sure why it really matters. Nevertheless, post on I shall.

Here's the update with what's going on. I still hate my job. My dog is becoming a money pit. I'm still ready to graduate. I'm currently failing math but my book Control is coming along quite amazing.

On the note of the book, a friend and fellow writer are participating in the NaNoWriMo..National Novel Writing Month in November. The goal is to write a 50k word book in 30 days. Sounds tough right? Doubtful. See, I'm not going to try to start an entirely new book. No siree, I'm going to be writing the second book of the Control series. This will make it easier for me since the juices are already flowing.

So be on the lookout for that. I've sent off the first two chapters of Control to two of my beta readers and am waiting to hear back from them. Wish me luck, this is really happening!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Excerpt from Controllers

She lead me to a back corner where there were dozens of floor length gowns that flowed off the hangers like water. I peaked a look at a few of the price tags and nearly had a heart attack. I’m pretty sure one dress was $5,000. I hadn’t even spent that much money on all of my work outfits combined! She saw me looking and reassured me that the “hunk of a man with the credit card” proclaimed that price did not matter. That’s when it hit me that she was clearly showing me the best of the best. “This would look absolutely stunning on you. And with your skin tone, ah. Gorgeous. Let’s go try it on?” she asked before assisting me in the dressing room. The girls that worked here clearly had no problem with seeing other girls naked. I mean, I wasn’t completely naked but I was definitely glad I had worn a strapless bra today. And very glad that my undies weren’t too revealing. They were sexy but they still left plenty to the imagination. “Don’t worry, sweetie. You look fantastic compared to some of the hogs I’ve seen trying to squeeze into this stuff. I’ll even turn around while you slip it on. I highly doubt you’ll be able to wear a bra with this puppy though.”
“Oh.” That was all I could muster up. “Well, I mean I’m definitely going to need your help putting it on.” She smiled, clearly happy at my decision to let her assist. I slowly unbuckled my bra and sat it on the chair to my left. “I promise I don’t see a thing. Here, use my shoulders to steady yourself and put one foot in at a time. Then we’ll work it up in the back. I’m positive it’ll fit but silk is tricky sometimes.” 
And tricky it was. But once it was on it was breath taking. I was caught up in how absolutely stunning I looked. Ivy would be so proud. 
The dress was solid white and only had one strap. There was a large cutout on my right side that revealed everything from the bottom of my right breast to the middle of my right hip. It was ruched in the front and had some beading around the cutout. From my thighs down it flowed like honey. It seemed to glow against my tan skin and my green eyes looked mesmerizing next to my darkening hair. I noticed it was a lot darker tonight. It almost looked black but I could still see some of my red trying its hardest to hold on. The dress was gorgeous. The girl pulled my hair to the side to reveal my neck. “It looks amazing babe. A clip in your hair to hold it back like this and some killer heels. Mmm.” She hummed. “ There’s no way he will be able to keep his hands off of you. I know just the heels too. I’ll be right back.”
As she hurried out of the dressing room I couldn’t take my eyes off of my reflection. I hadn’t ever felt this pretty, even when I was with Reed. I looked like a model or something. I was definitely going to do some damage to Braxton’s plan.
The girl came walking back in a few moments later holding some sky high heels and a dainty hair clip that complimented the dress. She pulled my hair, which I was thankful I had decided to loosely curl this morning, back into a side ponytail and clipped the black barrette right behind my left ear. She let me use her shoulders once again as she helped me put on what had to be six inch heels. I was used to walking in heels but I never dared wearing them this high at work. I walked too fast to master these babies. But I had to admit they were adorable. They were solid white with black leather accents. On the side of the top of the heel was a small bow made with black and white ribbon. They strapped around my ankle and my freshly pedicured toes peeped out of the top. Once I had them on I was as tall as the sales girl and I looked even better. “Wow, darlin’. You look stunning. I think this is the look for you.” All I could do was nod. This was definitely the look for me.
“Think I’m going to fit in at The Halo?”
“Honey, you’re gonna rule that damn Halo.”

Controllers Dream Cast

Hear Ye Hear Ye!

I give you, my first ever dream cast. Below are the people whom I see when I'm hacking away at the keyboard working on Controllers. Hope you enjoy!
Carmen Lavigne as Rayne Macovy
Jackson Brundage as Jackson

Chris O'Dowd as Trent Macovy

Sarah Drew as Valerie Macovy

Alyssa Reid as Ivy Harlow
Gabriel Garko as Ignacio Andino

Monica Bellucci as Lunetta Andino

Lance Parker as Braxton Andino

Andrew Diessner as Mark (minus the earring)

So there you have it. I do not by any means own any rights to these pictures. They were all found on google and are not/have not been replicated in any way.


Anyone else notice I don't post on here like I thought I would? Oh well, it's not like I have many followers anyhow.

My mouth is slowly healing. It's a long process even though it's only been a week. Tomorrow I can finally do things I couldn't do before. Like use my mouthwash.

I miss my mouthwash.

College is, well, college. I'm loving it but loathing it at the same time. Does that make sense? I feel like it's contradictory. Oh well. It is what it is. Science is boring. I'm not geologist therefore rocks do not excite me nor are they anything more than things I step on. College Algebra is killing my love for letters one quadratic formula at a time. Let's leave the numbers for counting and the letters for spelling shall we? Creative there's a class I can sink my teeth into! I love what we've done so far and I must say it's not much. I love my teacher who is also my adviser. She's funny and reminds me of one of my good friends who moved away a few years ago.

Now I miss my friend.

Moving right along. I will officially end my long journey at MAC in T-minus 4 months. Give or take. And I cannot be more thrilled, let me tell you!

My WIP is coming along grandly. I'm very proud of how far it's gotten in the past week or so. I really feel good about it...until I give it to a beta and they tear it apart and hate it and shred my heart. Bleh.

I'm also submitting an entry to a magazine for young writers. That's exciting too. It's in the hands of a very well trusted teacher who is going to help me polish it. I'll keep you posted on that.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

If You Remove Your Wisdom Teeth, Do You Lose Your Wisdom?

Clearly not but it's a funny question. Or maybe I just think it's funny because my pain meds are kicking in and I'm going slightly cross eyed as I type this. *shrugs*

So today I had my wisdom teeth surgically removed. In my last post, I explained that I was slightly nervous about being put under anesthesia because what if I don't wake up? I mean, obviously I woke up. Unless I'm typing this from the other side in which case it's nothing like I was hoping it would be and I'm very disappointed. Hmph.

Let me tell you how this all went down.

Step 1-Drive to dentist office with dad
Step 2-Fill out paper work and get x-ray
Step 3-Go back, talk with dentist, get an IV
Step 4-What I assume is dentist removes teeth and I wake up
Step 5-Lose all memory of waking up, getting out of the chair and walking to the front room
Step 6-Acquire hiccups and leave dentist office
Step 7-Stop at Sonic to get small strawberry shake
Step 8-Make a complete mess with shake due to not being able to feel my tongue or entire bottom jaw
Step 9-Pick up medicine
Step 10-Go home and take said medicine
Step 11-Sleep for three and a half hours

That's pretty much what happened. My dad made fun of me while I was trying to drink my shake. Not being able to drink it through the straw meant I had to actually spoon it all into my mouth. Well, since I couldn't even tell that I had a tongue or lower jaw, this proved to be quite a feat. I literally watched myself eat it in the vanity mirror of my car while my dad drove us home because I couldn't tell when it was running down my chin.

Take sip of shake.
Wipe off of chin.

It was awesome and when I got home I had to put a paper plate under it so that when it dripped it would land on the plate. Talk about embarrassing.

My surgery was at 930 this morning. I just got the feeling back in my lower lip at around 7 this evening. Talk about a trip feeling like your lip was attacked by a dozen hornets. Not fun.

Mom was extra nice and made all soft foods for dinner. Mashed potatoes, steamed cauliflower and cheese, peas and then hamburger cut up very small and smothered in cream of mushroom soup. I drank a small glass of milk, which I'm now regretting because I think it's mixing with my medicine in my stomach and making me slightly nauseous. I had to chew the hamburger with my front two teeth and it still hurt like hell to eat. So immediately after I rinsed with salt water and took a pain pill. Now I'm getting sleepy and will soon pass out.

Before passing out again, I did manage to fill our four applications and finish a chapter from my WIP. However, that has completely drained me and I feel like it is now time for sleep.

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Time to...Rant?

Sadly I have not been keeping up with my blog as of late due to multiple reasons. I have no purpose for this post other than to rant about the happenings of late.

First of all, I absolutely hate my job. I do not get paid enough to deal with the stupid bull shit that I do. It's ridiculous. The customers are rude nine times out of ten, the people I work with tend to be dense and just duhhhh and I always find myself in a sour mood from the time I clock in or developing a mysterious headache just as my shift starts. Coincidence? I think not. I really need to find something that's going to work around a five month school schedule until I can graduate and move on.

Speaking of school, I started my last semester at college today in hopes of finally acquiring my Associates. The classes don't seem too bad and having a partner in crime for two of them makes them less painstaking. I have Earth Science with a lab, College Algebra, Creative Non-Fiction and a wellness class. (I would've already had that done but I'm incredibly lazy and kept dropping it all the other semesters I attempted it.) Nevertheless, I will be FINISHED this December and can then find a REAL job...not some minimum wage scraper that barely pays my bills and leaves me feeling unappreciated, underrepresented and always wanting more out of it that I know I'll never get. I'm ready to finally start a career, not a job. I've had jobs. I want the big time damn it. I'm ready to make a name and future for not only myself, but for Chad and I. It would be nice to finally start a trek towards our future together and know that I'm stable enough to support such a venture...instead of worrying how I'm going to pay my car payment AND put gas in it.

My diet is going. That is all I can say about it. I bought my special supplements and have hardly used them. I'm feeling very ehh lately and not really trying though I've somehow managed to lose two pounds. Progress?

Satan's dog, also known as Mia, is ridiculous. I can honestly say I was spoiled with Lilly. She was the absolute perfect puppy. She never chewed on anything except socks (which I could handle), she was fairly easy to potty-pad train and she is the most lovable thing to walk the earth. Though she's expensive (sensitive stomach, flea allergy, possible food allergy, sensitive skin) she's worth every penny. Mia, however, is a walking flea pot that destroys anything she gets her mouth on. I love her to pieces but she just doesn't do "puppy" like Lilly did. She's a terror. She's hard to potty-pad train and she doesn't listen at all. Granted, she's only three months old, I need to start working with her so that she's easily trained by the time she's Lilly's age. But she's just so mean! You can't even love on her without her growling and biting. Lord have mercy.

In other news, I'm having my wisdom teeth cut out this Thursday. This means I have to miss two days of work and two days of classes, neither of which I'm happy about but I've gotta get it done. I'm nervous about being put to sleep to have them surgically removed but I guess if I'm supposed to die that way then I will. I'm sure everything will be ok, I've just gotta do some heavy duty praying. God'll get me through it.

So I guess there's my rant. I had a lot to catch up on and I feel better now. Time to go put in some applications mate!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

WIP Coming Along Nicely

I worked on Controllers this evening and I must say it's coming along quite nicely. I got some great feedback on one of the scenes after I let a few people read it. I'm incredibly impressed at the replies! The book is starting to get to a sexually exciting part. There's not gonna be any graphic sex in my books but I do hint around that the characters aren't saints (except maybe for Braxton lol). I put together a Character Cast this evening as well and I like what I have found. I have found exact replicas of the characters and if this ever gets made into a movie I want those people to play the parts. No negotiations lol

As soon as I get this baby completed and find myself some Beta readers I'll start posting some teasers and whatnot. I'm super excited to get the ball rolling on this and it's coming along quite nicely.

Be on the lookout and until then, happy reading!